She was just a city girl / Moved up to Sebastopol

Up there where the apples grow / Sweet and rosy in the sun

Tiny house of tongue and groove / Had a little orchard too

That’s where I used to visit her / For a little country fun


One day she called me on the phone / Said that she was all alone

And she could use a hand up there / Fruit was falling off the trees

Tied a ladder to my car / No place would have been too far

She smiled as I picked apples / I smiled ‘cus she picked me


         And we made applesauce / With a little bit of cinnamon

         You can call it baby food / Call it what you like

         Touchin’ one another / Mixin’ it together

         We made applesauce all night


There were baskets on the table / Baskets in the pantry too

You could hardly walk on through / All the baskets on the floor

I said, “How you gonna eat all this?” / And she gave me a little kiss

She said, “We’ll make a batch of applesauce. / And then we’ll make some more.” (chorus) 


                  Didn’t have a cookbook, Didn’t have a recipe

                  Just had to feel our way, That felt fine by me


That was a long time ago / Now the trees are way too old

They’re not bearin’ fruit no more / But we don’t even care

We got neighbors bringing baskets by / Sometimes they even bring a pie

‘Cus they know what we like to do / In the crisp October air


         We like to make applesauce…

         Grandbabies in the kitchen / Toddlers in the orchard too

         We’re gonna make applesauce / For the rest of our lives

         And we can still make applesauce all night.