Christopher Smith is one of the best "under the radar" songwriters in the country. His acoustic based music is grounded in folk roots with american and celtic influences. His musicianship always serves the song, and his voice is sweet and engaging. What sets Smith apart is the sheer strength of his material. He holds a listener's attention for song after song because he writes stories that spring from interesting ideas. His songs often blend elements of humor and heart. His sound mixes both classic singer/songwriter and americana (think Cat Stevens meets Steve Earle.) 

Christopher has been playing music in the San Francisco Bay area for over 30 years, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He credits his day job (the world’s greatest kindergarten teacher) for helping to maintain his playful, creative energy. Besides writing great songs, he also makes killer playdough. 

Smith can put his songs across in a variety of venues, from intimate house concerts and listening rooms to large outdoor festival stages. He knows how to connect with his audience.

Currently Christopher is residing in Singapore, where he is writing and woodshedding. He will be returning to his beloved California home in Spring of 2018. Look for him then to be taking his new songs out for a spin. In the meantime, you can freely download his music from his website,