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              I have never attended Catholic school. I’m a product of public school (and public education is still an ideal I believe in, despite it’s flaws.) My mom, on the other hand, went to Catholic School at Saint Anselms, from kindergarten through high school. That school’s still going strong in the town where I live, and I have 3 nephews that go there. I grew up hearing tall tales about Catholic school adventures. It’s ain’t all nuns and rulers.

         I did not, however, chase after wild girls in uniform in my youth. I had too big a chip on my shoulder about having to go to Catechism on Saturday mornings (and having to miss all the good cartoons) to go anywhere near Sacred Heart.

         But I did go through a period in Jr High and early high school where I chased after girls who were a bit on the wild side. Of course they would never wanna have anything to do with a mild-mannered Mort Meek like me. I think that’s why I chased after them. I lusted for the unattainable. It’s safer that way.

         But that’s one of the funnest things about writing songs. You can rewrite your own history and create any old alternate universe.  I can’t tell you how many women have told me that they attended Sacred Heart. I like to think maybe they see a little of their younger selves in this song.

         And like I’ve said about many of my other songs, I seem to be compelled to take a friendly swipe at religion every now and again. Still workin’ it out with Jesus. When I first played this song at the Wildflower, I was backed up by guitar slinger Arthur Lee (who plays lead on this whole album) and bassist Jim Colbert. We were introduced as The Soggy Bottom Catholic Boys. I get my digs in where I can.