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            Pumpkins are about my favorite things to grow. We even grew some big ones in our front yard one year. But we live close to Drake High School. High schoolers are very attuned to the aerodynamics of pumpkins.  We all had fun while they lasted.

         I wrote about how growing up in the suburbs makes one yearn for the country in Applesauce. One of my sole “rural experiences" as a kid was going pumpkin picking in beautiful fields north of Santa Barbara. It was a couple of hours drive, speeding out of L.A. in the back of Mrs. Funaro’s T-Bird. She would crank up Tom Jones on the radio. And Engelbert Humperdink too.

         I like to joke that this tune has everything you want in a song.; adventure, sex, and cannibalism. One of my finest moments as a songwriter came when Eric Schwarz (one of the true guardians of questionable taste) approached me after hearing this song. “Did you really f*** a pumpkin?” he asked.

I beamed with pride. Wouldn't you?