If you see me tonight In the alley

All bent as I'm making my way

Don't offer your help / I must do this myself

And it's best that I not be delayed

As I carry my shadowy burden

Dragging it all over town

I've asked high and low, but nobody knows

Where can the darkness be drowned?


My bag slung over my shoulder

It writhes like a bundle of snakes

It's heavy to bear, I grumble and swear

As it fights every step that I take

But I'm chained to my murderous mission

Nothing will turn me around

So be a good friend, let me ask you again

Where can the darkness be drowned?


         I don’t need some luminous ocean

         Or a bright shiny shore with a view

         I confess that I harbor this notion

         That any old puddle will do


The big squeeze isn't going to be easy

It's bound to kick up a few waves

It won't be any fun, when the foul deed is done

I won't dance on it's watery grave

Some think that I don't have it in me

No stomach for holding it down

But all that I lack, is a tub for this sack

Tell me where... Where?

Where can the darkness be drowned?