Twisted Open


Not my town, not my town

Never felt at home here

Have no friends to gather round

Lonely to the bone here.


Pretty girls, pretty girls

I’m leaving them behind me

Seven Wonders in this world

Trouble always finds me

I wonder how she finds me


Not it’s time for me to change my tune

Walk away from Old Blue Moon


Western wind, western wind

I need your warm affection

Sometimes you’re my only friend

So blow in my direction


Wall of shame, wall of shame

Wall of shame I’m climbing

I know every brick by name

None of them deny me

No, shame will not deny me


Now it’s time for me to turn the page

Bound to find a better way


Carry on, carry on

Though every night grows colder

Button up and move along

Try and lift my shoulders


Busted luck, busted luck

Busted but not broken

Every time my feet get stuck

My heart gets twisted open

I’m twisted and I’m open