It’s a sleepy little tie dyed town / Where quiet souls are lost and found

Old hippies still come out to play / Loud and proud Not Fade Away

I walk these streets now and then/ Looking for my long lost friend

Gordy’s been gone quite a while/ But I’m still haunted by his smile


         More than a just memory / For me he will always be

         The perfect host, my friendly ghost, the ghost of Fairfax


Wiry as a guitar string / Gordy Hall was born to sing

Out of tune and didn't care / Shook that wild red head of hair

He opened up his home to jam / And passed his pipe from hand to hand

Then he’d fire up another tune / Commence to lighting up the room


         Far away I hear him still / He serenades these hills

         My perfect host, the friendly ghost, the ghost of Fairfax


                  If the afterlife's a fantasy 

                  If heaven is just wishful stuff

                  That will be alright by me

                  A few good friends is good enough, good enough


There’s a spectre in the neighborhood / That’s where the Sleeping Lady stood

There’s just a few who still lament / The day that River City went

They say good things come to an end, But I’ll never leave this town again

When my Bolinas Road runs out / I’m gonna go and jam at Gordy’s house


         Listen you just might hear me, singing way off key

         With the perfect host, the friendly ghost, the of Fairfax

         One perfect host, two friendly ghosts, the ghosts of Fairfax