I’ve seen her in another man’s arms

What’s the harm? It was a friendly bar

She doesn’t sing in tune all that well

What the hell? She’ll never be a star

But she’s stood by me through thick and thin

Side by side that’s how it’s been

I’m never gonna trade her in

After all this time, she’s still mine


Sometimes we’re just a couple of hacks

To the max, that’s just the way we are

She laughs at my American cheese, she’s so Japanese

And she’s my guitar, she’s my guitar

Those Martin tarts and Gibson girls

May tempt me with their mother of pearl

But none of them can rock my world

Like my homely one and only


            And when I leave her home alone

            She waits for me right by the phone

            Though she suffers some neglect

            She won’t object


‘Cus after all the drunken dents and dings

The broken dreams and busted strings

I still love the way this big girl sings

I wanna strum her for a hundred summers


We’re never gonna tear up the stage

We’re lookin’ our age,  me and my guitar

And if we never have our hit song,

We’ll get along, me and my guitar

‘Cus there’s something oh so right about

Holding her close and stickin’ it out

I adore her and there’s no dout

That I’m her star, and she’s still my guitar

She’s still my guitar, She’s still my guitar


I’ve seen her in another man’s arms,

What’s the harm? She’s still my guitar