Come visit me in Singapore

There’s something here you’ve got to see

A twisted dark amusement park 

Steeped in Chinese mythology

Exotic and decayed

Let me show you the way

to Haw Par Villa


They built it 80 years ago

It’s fallen on hard times since then

Pagodas stand in disrepair

Half Disneyland, half opium den

Let’s go before it’s gone

Come smell the Tiger Balm

At Haw Par Villa


Follow me and don’t be skeered

Ain’t it wonderful and weird?


MonkeyGods and temple bells

Pretty girls and wishing wells

Mermaids popping outta shells

With sexy smiles, it’s wet and wild


Enter the ten courts of hell

Where sinners get their just desserts

Measured once and severed twice

Sliced and diced , That’s gotta hurt

The kids all think it’s cool

It’s more torturous than school

At Haw Par Villa


Hold tight to your mother’s hand

It’s one creepy Candyland


         There’s animals of every sort

         A randy pig in jocky shorts

         Gropes a mouse with clumsy force

         While rats with guns, have all the fun


I can’t explain what draws me here

Or why I can’t resist it

This peek inside our mortal soul

Is beautiful and twisted

So fancifuland strange

It’s magically deranged

At Haw Par Villa


       It’s too freaky to be true

       Sometimes I don’t have a clue

       What is going on? But I still play along

       Cus it’s my kinda wrong

       At Haw Par Villa