Every June, golden rule,  walking home, last day of school

We both knew what to do

Celebrate! Hit the street! Breathe a big sigh of relief as

We kicked off our shoes

That freedom tasted sweet / We walked on tender feet

Don’t even try to make us wear those flip-flops


            By Independence Day,  we toughened up okay

            Back when kids went barefoot in L. A.


That blacktop it was boiling hot, but I’d cross a sea of parking lots to

Run around with you

Somehow you’d always find a way across on cool white lines,

Yeah, that’s how ya do it!

And when our wayward path, took us through broken glass

We trusted one another with the tweezers


            We got to know our way, around a summer’s day

            Back when we went barefoot in L. A.

            In L.A., in L.A.


Now my shoes are worn and old, I take ‘em off, my feet get cold

So I mostly leave them on

But every sweet now and then I get myself a hankerin’ to

Squish my toes into some lawn

And if I’m feeling bold, I’ll take a sidewalk stroll

Still half believing that I just might see you


            Out on a summer’s day, I’ll let you lead the way

            Just like when we went barefoot in L. A.

            Barefoot in L.A. Barefoot In L.A.